Monday, March 25, 2013

Memoirs, Light The Corners of my Mind

I don't know why but for several months now, I have had this crazy obsession with reading memoirs. Although, I am picky about the one's I read. As you can see from the photo above, I mostly prefer funny ones or memoirs which I can learn a lot of stuff from.

I love reading books, fiction is my preferred genre, but there's something about memoirs that just strikes my interest. These are stories of people I admire or love and I find it exciting when I get to read about their life. I could do it online, I could just type their name in Google and find pages upon pages of stuff about them. But these are mostly rumors or gossip.

Memoirs give me an idea of what they've been through from their point of view. I get to read their side of the story. It gives me a glimpse of their life and that despite the glitz and glam of hollywood, they are just normal people with extraordinary talents that brought them to where they are.

I've also learned several lessons from their life experiences and though all of them had different roads to take, they all have one message in common to their readers.

It's that, there are times when you will fall down, face flat on the ground, but force yourself to get up, stand up and then stand out.

"Even when I was down, I treated myself as a star until eventually, the rest of the world caught on."
-RuPaul Charles

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