Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Harshness Of Me

I was with one of my friends who also happens to be one of my choir mates. Nasa labas kami ng simbahan at tumatambay. We were discussing the choir and how the people are performing within the group.

I've been part of show choirs in the past so for me, a choir should be able to stand without an instrumentalist. But for the choir I am in right now, since it is a church choir, if the instrumentalist isn't available, it's like all hell just broke loose.

They rely too much on the accompaniment which goes to show that they are not confident enough that their own voices would be able to give justice to the song. The funny thing is, we use sheet music and SATB arrangements so singing acapella shouldn't be an issue. But that's rather here nor there at this point.

"Sana magkaroon ng acapella choir dito no? That would be awesome!" he suddenly said.

"Actually, we've been planning to form a quartet for a while now," I answered.

"Acapella?" he asked.

"Of course. I want to have a quartet with really good members so that we wont have to rely on an instrumentalist. Everything will be acapella."

"Sino sino kayo?"

I told him the names of my companions.

"We already have a Soprano, Alto and I'll be the Bass. The problem is finding a good Tenor. One that will pass my standards," I said.

"Why not me? I'm a Tenor," he suggested.

"Please don't take this the wrong way. We're friends and I like you and all but you don't pass my standards," I replied without skipping a beat.

I think I hurt his feelings with what I said. Not sure.

See, that's the problem with me. I am candid. Too candid, if I'm being honest, so sometimes I don't notice if I'm saying things that are offensive because I forget that not everyone is a cold-hearted bitch like me.

Some people have actually feelings or something to that effect.

"Here's the deal," I said, "Your voice is too nasal-ly and there are notes you can't reach using a natural tenor range and when you do, it sounds too thin. So take it as you will but for a quartet that requires all 4 voices, you will not be an option for me. But if I were to form a group that would sing at gigs/bars, trust me, you'll be one of the first few I'll ask since you sing RnB pretty well."

I think that was a good save. Was it? This is why I try to avoid human contact. I am forced to have a conscience or something that resembles one.

And I wonder why people say I can be very mean.

Oh well.

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