Monday, August 12, 2013 (An Up and Coming Delivery Service in the Metro)

Hello my dear readers! As most of you know, I love food. My waistline and size XL shirts speak of how much I love food. Food delivery is my best friend when I feel the munchies which is why I am so happy to have discovered, a 24/7 delivery service.

Last Friday I ordered from because I had a scheduled trip at midnight and I didn’t have enough time to prepare dinner. I ordered at around 5:30pm and scheduled it to be delivered by 8:45. Oh yeah, that’s a nifty feature in the website, you could specify the time you want the food to arrive. A few minutes after placing my order, my phone rang and it was a customer service rep from the site. He was full of life and very friendly. Seriously. I’m sure my expat friends who constantly complain about the horrible customer service in this country would love this site.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Sugarhouse in SM North.

I must say, the food arrived early, around 8:00) which was a good thing but I felt so bad for the delivery guy waiting for me outside the house (I came from work. In Makati.) He said he was waiting there for about 30 minutes.

So I went crazy and ordered a bunch of things. Here are Chicken Empanadas which were delicious. I wish they were a bit bigger though but only because they’re yummy!

I got Tuna Sliders (Tuna sandwiches). These were pretty good. I would order it again. Oh and it came with chips. I think they were kamote chips. Not 100% sure since it didn’t have a label.

For my main meal, I ordered Beef Lasagna. The lasagna was a bit too salty for my taste and the sides were a bit burnt. The buttered toast wasn’t that good. They were burnt as well. I probably wouldn’t get this next time. I like my lasagna chewy and my toast soft and buttery. If I wanted something hard and crumbly, I would have ordered croutons.

I also got a slice of Banana Loaf which I brought to the trip as a snack. It was moist and delicious. Just the way I like it :)

For the fun of it, I wanted to get a cake since Sugarhouse is more of a pastry and cake shop. I didn’t want a big cake since I won’t be able to finish it so I got something called Concorde. It’s a chocolate cake surrounded by these choco-mocha-tube-thingys. Not bad. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

And I saved the best for last. I got a box of Sylvannas. Why? Because I freaking love Sylvanas. I remember asking my mom to buy me Sylvannas from Red Ribbons when I was young. I got a box of 6 and I must say, these are SINFULLY DELICIOUS! Buttery-heaven in every bite. I took one bite and told myself, “Damn! I should have ordered more!”

Overall, with the exception of the burnt lasagna, the food was great! Seriously, I wanna order more Sylvannas, Chicken Empanadas and Tuna Sliders. Those were really good.  Everything cost less than 1k which is fair enough since I ordered a lot of stuff. is an awesome food delivery service. I forgot to mention that every 30 minutes or so, I would receive updates through email and SMS about the status of my order. Like, if the request has been put in, if the request was received by the restaurant, if the food is on its way, stuff like that.

I would give the food 4 stars, you all know why.
I would give 5 stars.

I’m not entirely sure but I think is a new company or website and so far their service is great. I hope that once the company catches wind and more people start using it, that they maintain the great service I experienced. Oh and there is no ‘fixed-delivery charge’ or anything like that but the restaurants have a minimum order amount which is usually around 300php.

For updates and stuff, you can also visit their Facebook page.

I will certainly be using again.

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