Saturday, December 19, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar

The reason why I haven't posted anything in days is that because I've been sick and I twisted my ankle really bad. Until now its still in bandages and my foot has been purple for a few days now. Yesterday I was feeling a little better so I went out for some fresh air and to watch James Cameron's Avatar.

I've been waiting for this movie for months. I first read about it earlier this year and I was excited because lets face it, James Cameron is a genius. His last film was titanic and that was in 1997. Yesterday was the first day it was showed here so I went to mall. Bandages and all. My fever wasnt that high so I was able to manage but by the time I got home from he movie my fever was back and worse than ever but I didnt care because I was soooo happy that I was able to watch Avatar.

Now about the movie, one of the reasons I wanted to watch it was because I wanted to see if they could pull off the photo-realistic computer-generated characters by using motion-capture animation technology and oh hell yeah they did!

The story was, well, a typical sci-fi themed love story but it was nice. The first hour of the movie was boring but when Jake Sully started to shift his alliance to the Na'Vi, the movie got interesting. The battle between the soldiers and the Na'Vi clan of Pandora was heart-stopping, I enjoyed every second of it.

The way they depicted Pandora and its inhabitants which includes the animals, the natives and even the plants were fantastic. The place was somewhat believable and I would seriously enjoy to live on a planet like that.

Im a sci-fi geek so I really love sci-fi movies. Thats why I was able to appreciate Avatar. I expected a lot from Avatar and Im glad that I didnt waste my time and energy watching this movie. I say that this is a MUST SEE movie before the year ends. Seriously!

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