Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Im on Windows 7

I spent the whole afternoon at Pizza Volante at SM with AA. For some time now, something has been wrong with my laptop, there are conflicts in my system specially in my laptops hardware. It was the last straw for me when my mom bought me a wireless mouse at Silicone Valley in SM Megamall and my laptop wont recognize it. So I immediately contacted AA and asked him to reformat my laptop.

So the moment I got back to Baguio, I met up with AA and he reformated my laptop. Now Im running on Windows 7 Ultimate. This OS rocks, I love the Windows Shake function where you shake an open application and all other open applications minimize. I also like the slideshow background. It took him about 2 hours to reformat my laptop and the rest was spent updating it and installing drivers and applications. I hear that Windows 7 is more stable than Vista so I hope I dont experience any problems in the future. Plus AA has been raving about it for some time now. And the best part is that my wireless mouse works hahaha.

Anyway I love Windows 7 and a BIG thanks to AA for fixing my laptop.

The Taskbar which is the main feature of Windows 7

Thats AA eating ice cream hahaha

Windows 7 GUI

Windows 7 activated and registered to me!

The boot screen which is really cool!

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