Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Gift to Myself

All of my readers know how obsessed I am with POI. So naturally the gift I bought myself this year was my first pair of Planetzips Zips. Planetzips is like the biggest POI group here in the Philippines. To be honest, they are AWESOME. Luck'ly when I was working in PeopleSupport,Tsok, our Operations Manager who is also a good friend of mine happens to be a teacher at Planetzips. He's the reason why I got addicted with POI because during our summer company outing he fire danced. I instantly told myself that I wanna learn that no matter how hard it is. And now, Tsok told me that he had a few stocks in Baguio so I went to his condo and bought my first pair of Planetzips Zips. There are 2 types, catingkas and cosmos. Catingkas are great for the beach or under the sun because the fabric shines/glistens under the sun. Cosmos are great for night POI dancing specially under UV lights because they glow. Now here's the picture of my Catingkas.

And here are my collection of zips.

I know that I blogged about hating the 25th but my zips made my anger go away. Its like therapy for me. ^^


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