Monday, May 18, 2015

The Battlefield That Is Youtube

As some of you may or may not know, I started vlogging on my Youtube channel.

Before that, my channel was mostly a wasteland of all my videos. I've been planning for quite some time now, the whole vlogging thing.

I found the courage to do it so I shot and uploaded my first video.

There are several Youtubers I follow religiously. There's Caspar Lee, Thatcher Joe, Miles Jai, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Marcus Butler, Diary of Jake, PatrickStar, Jacksgap, and more.

Before I even shot my first video, I watched the videos of my favorite Youtubers. I studied their formula. The way they edited their videos, the type of background music, the type of content. I paid close attention to every single detail as much as I could. When I started vlogging, I tried my best to follow whatever formula they were using for their Youtube videos and I tried to apply it to mine.

After that, I realised the whole Youtube thing was more complicated than it seemed. It wasn't as easy as uploading a video and calling it a day.

I wasn't getting any views (I still barely get any views). It was then I figured out that I had to make a conscious effort and use every single social media tool I had at my disposal.

I became more active on Twitter and Instagram. I even signed up for Tumblr (which I am still trying to understand btw). I started following people and most of them followed me back. It's not easy, to be perfectly honest but I keep telling myself that the Youtubers I admire all had to start somewhere. I'm sure they felt the same way I feel now.

It's not easy, I tell ya. I have to message every single new follower and introduce myself and give them a link to my channel. Some respond well, some don't and some just ignore me. It's an uphill slope, but I won't lose hope. Ha!

Right now I'm not getting the many views. Probably because I only have 5 videos at the moment :D

But eventually I'll get there.

So to you, my dear readers, please check out my Youtube channel. Show this homo some love, will ya? Give my videos a thumbs up if you like them and subscribe to my channel.


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