Monday, September 30, 2013

iResidence Hotel Bangkok

While in Bangkok, all of us delegates from outside of Thailand stayed at the iResidence Hotel in Bangkok. It's right across the street from the Chong Nonsi BTS station. I got to the hotel at around 2pm.

The lobby was not that spacious and it took them a while to have my room ready but I am to blame for that. While checking in, I asked the receptionist lady if she could put me in a room where I could smoke. Apparently, the room I was supposed to stay in did not have a "smoking area". I got to my room after about 40 minutes.

Upon entering the room which was slightly bigger than my room back home, I was greeted by this king size bed that I fell in love with. It was super comfy.

I had space for my luggage and shit.

Spacious enough for me. Oh by the way, we all got separate rooms. At first I was worried that I'd have to share a room with someone but as it turned out, we all got our own rooms. Score!

The bathroom is... well... a bathroom. Moving on...

This is the lovely place that caused the delay in me checking in. The wonderful smoking area. It's a very small space but good enough for me to smoke in. It can fit two people.

The view from the smoking area. That's Chong Nonsi station. Again, I love their train system. Walang sinabi ang Pilipinas.

Usual paper stuff that I did not use.

The fridge stocked with overly priced crap that I did not touch.

For some reason, this was in the room. It was part of the hotel's "activity pack" and cost 65THB. To be fair, they're cheaper than condoms in the Philippines.

On the third day, after training, I went back to my room and found this couch. Why it suddenly appeared is beyond me. Nice couch though.

The hotel was nice. It's a nice place to stay in if you're on a budget. It's clean and the staff were very friendly. I stayed here for a whole week, from Sunday to Saturday, which is the longest time I've spent in a hotel. The location is perfect because it's near Patpong (Night Market and Red Light District) and the BTS station.  

I wouldn't mind staying here the next time I'm in Bagkok. Yes, I'm going back for sure. I officially love Bangkok now. 


Mac Callister said...

was in bangkok too last week. sa Ibis Nana hotel naman ako nag stay. My stay was pleasant naman.

and yeah mura ang bilihin dun. and the hotel rates too!

Anonymous said...

Andun din me l2 weeks ago at sa Heritage Hotel kmi stay, okay din s hotel n un.
Mura nga bilihim sa Bangkok at babalik ulet ako 4 sure.