Friday, January 16, 2009

My Regional Press Conference Piece

I know that I've been on a hiatus lately but thats because I'mvery busy with school andthe competitions I'm in. For this week I have the 9th Higher Education Press Conference where I representedmy schoolfor the Poetry Writing Competition English Category. Here's the my contest piece. I followe the judges' instructions to makeit funny and play with it. He saidhe did not like poems about love,life, God, blah blah blah. He gave us the topic of "Cold Weather" and he specifically told us to play with us so as to not make it boring as hell.


It starts with just a simple chill
and when i move i know you'll feel
the way I touch and graze your skin
the way I blow on your brow and chin

the warmth around you disappears
I freeze away your doubts and fears
your hands become numb as ever
and sometimes yeah you'll get a fever

at first you may not like the feeling
of something from your nose be dripping
I'll make you cold when you feel hot
amazing am I not?

I'll make your coffee cold as ice
A jacket and scarf would not suffice
I'm something you can't see or hold
But you can feel me coz I'm the cold

Thats what happened this week. Next week I have the rehearsals for Tanghal Galing, our schools music festival because I'll be representing my college in the Vocal Solo competition. As well as the Vocal Duet. Wish me luck y'all.


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